Schuylkill Christian Church

Jesus calls us to ‘Go into ALL the World and tell everyone about His love and grace’.

We are real people who want to share in this life changing event with you. The church is

not a building…but a group of people who want to share the Gospel of Christ in a real world

that is not surrounded by walls. We want to surround the world with the love of Jesus Christ.

The Message on 11/27/2022

Join us on Sunday morning as
we Worship our Lord and Savior
Jesus the Christ.

Pastor Steve will bring us a
message from God's Word titled

Wise Men

We will start this series
of messages with the role the
Wise Men played in the 
birth of Jesus.

They were on a mission searching
for someone?

Have you ever found yourself searching
for something in life?

Join us as we journey with
the Wise Men and the
role they played in the 
historical birth of

Jesus wants to spend eternity 
with you and all He asks is that you
confess Him before man and accept Him as
your personal Lord and Savior.

Jesus said:
I AM the Way, The Truth and the Life
and No One comes to the Father
except through Me!

Join us on Sunday morning as 
we Worship God and His Son Jesus to see 
how eternal security can be found.


Sunday School - 9:00 AM   

Worship Service - 10:15 AM

Bible Study - 6:30 PM

Prayer Meeting        7:00 PM

Join us on Sundays

9:00 AM for Sunday School
Sunday school classes for all ages including an adult class.

10:15 AM for Worship
The worship service is approximately 1 hour in length.

  • Communion is served every week
  • A Children's nursery is also provided during the worship service.
  • We also provide a private area for nursing mothers.

We live in a world where it
seems everything is moving so
fast and there is so much

We believe God is the answer
to relieve that stress and we
think people might get excited
about God if someone could
explain in everyday English
how Christianity can make a
real difference in raising kids,
marriage, managing money,
careers, dating, divorce, sex,
or the zillion other things
people deal with everyday.

We try to make everyone
understand God's real purpose
for their life while giving honor
and glory to God.